Ok, here’s the deal!


 I’m committed to helping you manage your stress, anxiety and hopelessness, in whatever area of your life you’re feeling it or however those negative thoughts and feelings may be affecting you.

As we continue to navigate our lives during this pandemic, now, more than ever, is it so vital to regain feelings of control and some peace of mind!

I want you to know it can be different, in a positive healthy way.  You don’t have to use food, cigarettes, or negative behaviors of any sort to manage your anxiety, stress and all those uncertainties that have been such a big part of our lives during this pandemic.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm feel bad.  Being chronically stressed and anxious negatively impacts your health, your well being and your happiness.


You’ll want to sign up for this right away….

If you’re feeling out of control, as if you’re constantly spinning your wheels

If you’re turning to food to quiet that negative “monkey mind” and give you some comfort

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, forgetful and totally unmotivated to get any activity


You’re ready to have the rest of the year (and your life!) flow more easily, in spite of existing life challenges….


If you identified with any of these, then this is for you!


“Get Relief Now”

FREE phone consultation!





Schedule this powerful free 30 minute “session” Now
if you want to:

 Get clear on what it is you really want!

  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having less stress in your life


  • Have a new understanding on how your anxiety and stress is harming you


  • Identify the most powerful action steps you can take to move you toward your goal


  • Complete the “Get Relief Now” Session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next!


Schedule your FREE Session Now!


Why keep feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, when you can

take action NOW


Get Relief NOW


Wouldn’t you rather start off the “school year” feeling more in control of

your life?

Wouldn’t your rather not feel so overwhelmed with negative feelings about your body?

Wouldn’t you like to get some relief now from those “monkey mind” thoughts that cause you to doubt yourself and your ability to make the positive changes you want to make?


I’m betting you would, as I know, from my own life, it feels so much better to manage those stressful thoughts and feelings than to have them bog me down or spin me in circles.


I can help you find your way out of the stress and into the calm.

“Get Relief NOW” Free Consult

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425-941- 2051


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