Enjoying the Northwest’s late arrival of Summer!

Enjoying the Northwest’s late arrival of Summer!

I’ve been playing and enjoying the Northwest’s late arrival of summer.

Summertime, for me, is a time to take it easier, slow down and not have so much on my plate.  What’s been happening with your summer?  Have you gotten in that essential “play time”I wrote about last month?

I hope you’ve gotten to connect in with the part of you that can be silly, carefree and loves to play, just like a child! How about that needed get away time? Did you get it, getting ready for it? I sure hope so.  It’s so important for de-stressing!

Going back to play time, my husband and I have been going over to our local park every Wednesday evening for the last 4 weeks to attend “Concerts in the Park”, an annual summer event.   Each week features a different band playing mostly rock n roll oldies, with some jazz/blues thrown in.  It’s a great community venue and we love having this as part of our summer.

While there sitting on our blanket enjoying the music and talking with friends, we both love watching all the little kids dance on the grass. They just start naturally dancing.  They’re not shy or inhibited by what anyone thinks, they’re just letting their bodies’ need to move to the music prevail.  They always inspire us.

Eventually, we decide we can no longer sit on the blanket dancing, we simply have to get up and dance on the grass, too.  It’s so much fun!

I always come away with such an exhilarated feeling!  I know my “little girl” within has had so much fun!

That’s one of the ways I’ve been into the “summertime mode” this year.  What about you?


Would love to hear how you’ve been playing and getting into the “summertime mode”.

Share below.  It’s fun to get a thread of conversations going!  Try it, if you haven’t participated in the past!

As much as I’ve been playing, having fun and taking it easy, I’ve also gotten very busy with clients wanting to have less stress and more ease in their lives.

Check out “Get Relief NOW” I’m promoting. I’m committed to helping people be less stressed and have more ease in their lives, so I want to make sure you start off the “Back to School” part of year with the tools make it happen.


Also, be sure to read “Happiness and the Art of Learning It”.  There’s lots of good tips for you to use immediately.

Aren’t you ready to have less stress, more calmness and ease in your life, even in the midst of challenges?  I’m betting you are.

Read on and tell me what you are doing to support your Happiness!



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