De-Clutter, Stress and tolerations!

Small signs of spring are beginning to show here in the Northwest. WooHoo!


The days are getting longer, the shoots of the crocuses and daffodils are pushing their way up out of the ground, and the huge wall of white heather in my back yard is starting to slowly bloom into its magnificence.


I’m loving it!  The energy of the coming of spring feels light and inviting!


Speaking of light and inviting, I want to share with you a project I just completed.


 My administration office had gotten very very cluttered.  I had lots of excuses-was away for the holidays, was redecorating my client room and some of the overflow went into my admin room, and I just had my attention on other things.


 The problem was that every time I walked into my administration office, I felt stressed.


All that clutter was stressing me out and keeping me feeling rather weighed down.


I took on the project of de-cluttering as my goal in a dynamic 21 Day to Inspired Action group I belong to.


Taking a definitive action step day by day on this goal allowed me to completely de-clutter the office by finding “homes” for papers, make decisions about what to keep or not and to create a positive energetic flow that invites me in, instead of keeping me out!


Now I feel so much lighter, more creative and can work on other aspects of my business with so much more ease.


This coincides wonderfully with the dawning of spring and Mother Nature’s way of showing us all the potential that is awaiting us to enjoy.


I have many things I want to provide for you to engage in this year so you can live a life from a place of more calm and ease.


Having a cluttered space was not congruent to my creativity, calmness, or ease in making sure I can deliver what I intend to.  It was stifling my potential!


I was out of integrity with my intentions and myself.

I was “tolerating” a situation and it caused me lots of distress.


And..that’s what stress does.  It can keep you from being clear in your intentions, having focus or being creative. It usually feels draining and doesn’t provide much inspiration. And, it definitely takes you out of being in integrity.


Not a good thing!


How about you?  Are you experiencing the drains of stress?


Whether it’s a cluttered room, eating foods that don’t work for your health and wellness, finding excuses to stay glued to your chair, or unable to break a pattern of behavior that isn’t working, all or any of these add up to feeling distressed and stressed.


As we move into Spring, I’d like to invite you to shine the light on what it is causing you stress, stifling your energy, your aliveness, your creativity and having you feel less than who you really are.


It’s funny, this simple act of de-cluttering my office, how it opened up new ways of thinking for me and is calling me to keep allowing the flow and clarity to come through.


I’m loving it!


Now it’s your turn.


What are you tolerating?  What’s keeping you from your full potential?


Read this month’s featured article to find out how you, too, can get relief from your current tolerations and  stress and feel the lightness and spring in your step return.


Comments always welcomed in the comment area below.

To lightness and ease!



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