Chit Chat about the weather in Seattle!

Last month, I was marveling at the   extended summer we were having here in the Pacific Northwest.

Well, it has kept going!  We’re now having an even more amazing Fall!  Haven’t had any notable rain in many many weeks now. Quite unusual for us, but I don’t see anyone complaining!

Instead, I’m seeing lots of smiling faces with the sunshine and nice crisp mornings being the talk about town!

WooHoo! I’m loving it!  What about you?

If you’re here in the NW, go over to my blog and share how the weather is affecting your mood, your activities, your getting back into that “new start” of the Fall, and whatever else you want to share about it.

Other musings of Jackie’s:


Well, I did it!  Got my client room newly painted and a new loveseat is now making it even more cozy.  Clients are finding it’s just right for going into that wonderful focused state of hypnosis to get rid of those stress producing thoughts while bringing in those calming feel good ones!

Please check out this month’s feature article and especially check out the new upcoming FREE teleseminar.

You won’t want to miss this one.



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