Take 5 for Holiday De-Stressing!-An Audio Gift for You!

Take 5 for Holiday De-Stressing!-An Audio Gift for You!

Self care is high on my priority list for myself and coaching for my clients.

Yet, it still can be especially challenging during the holidays!

I find myself getting caught up in the OMG there’s not enough time in the day syndrome.

Can you relate?

I get all enthused for the many things I want to do during the holidays, yet it can start to feel like it’s all too much, if I don’t take even 5 minutes

to mentally and emotionally plan my day.

I don’t mean as in a to-do list, but instead as an intentional mental process that uses my own “inner movie” to project how I want my day to unfold.

I’ve created this easy to listen to audio Create Your Day Anew to support myself and others in having a more intentional day, instead of being subjected to a knee jerk

reactive one.

Please enjoy my gift to you–and let me know how you like it by commenting below!

De-Stress with “Create Your Day Anew”

Happy new day!

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