Summertime Mode!

Summertime! Although, it’s not “officially” summer, we all know summer “unofficially” began with the Memorial Day weekend we just had here in the States.


If you’ve been following my ezines for awhile, you know how much I love summer.


If you’re new to my ezine: “Mind Matters”, a big Welcome!

Check out some of the past summer articles if you want to learn more about “summertime mode”.


Summertime, to me has always been associated with leisure time, play, fun, outdoors and great weather. I grew up on Long Island, New York, and nice warm weather in the summer was a given.


My next door neighbor and now lifelong friend, Cheryl, and I would play all day and be gone most of the day without a care in the world. Back then, we were easy to find, even without cell phones and there were no worries about where we were.  There wasn’t much to be stressed and we certainly were allowed to be carefree.


It’s interesting how those associations have stuck with me. And, it’s not only the activities that I connect with, but the feeling I had doing them and of just “being”.


That feeling state is very powerful for me and allows me to keep associating summer with good times and ease!  Even though I don’t get to have full summers off, I still relate to summer as a time when I can be more carefree with have less on my “to do” list.


So, I always look forward to summertime and find myself drifting fairly easily into what I call the “summertime mode”. Being outdoors in my garden, taking walks and hikes, as well as grilling Northwest salmon and veggies on the grill, are all part of my love of summer. Top that off with the company of loved ones and friends and eating outside on the deck and I’m in summer heaven!


What associations with summer do you have? Does summer bring out your inner child who wants to explore, play and have fun? Are you planning for various activities you can only do in the summer? Are you looking forward to summer? Or are you finding yourself wondering what the heck play, fun and summertime mode feels like?


I’d love to hear your feedback on summer associations, what your “summertime mode” is and what challenges you may have with “summertime mode”.


Please comment below. Let’s explore together how we can be in the summertime mode regardless of our work loads, responsibilities and our “adult” selves!


Today’s Feature article hits on the subject of summer, feelings and how it can bring out the negative self talk about our bodies, especially for women. Be sure to take notes on some of the ways to transform those negative conversations into powerful positive ones that will allow more lightness and good feelings for your summer this year, so you can be in “Summertime mode”!



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