How’s your summer been?

How’s your summer been so far? 


 Mine has been great! I love summers!

I have especially been enjoying this summer because we started it early this year.

We actually got some really nice May and June weather.

That’s not always a given here in the Northwest.


So, having a milder spring/early summer (not as much rain-not as cool) was especially a bonus, as I’m sure you are aware the Northwest is not known for its sunshiny weather most of the year!


And, it has continued to be the type of summer that begs for getting out and doing summery type of activities.


My “inner child” gets inspired to play and loves the feeling of freedom associated with summer in general and this one in particular.


I find myself grabbing every opportunity for some play, social time, or just being outside, even if it’s working in the yard, just to take advantage of the “summertime mode” I’m a big fan of!


What inspires you about summer?


As we engage in the final month of summer, if you need more inspiration to be in the “summertime mode”, I invite you to let your “inner child” out to play!


I guarantee she/he knows exactly what to do to have some fun, feel free and connected in to your own inspiration.


Please share how your inner child likes to play!


I’d love to hear!

Comment below, please, my inner child wants to know!


Best wishes for a lovely rest of August,


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