Stress Awareness Month – Happiness Challenge summary!

Stress Awareness Month – Happiness Challenge summary!
April is stress awareness month

“A thousand mile journey begins with the first step”.


Personal Note:

As we come to a close on April and its Stress Awareness Month, I hope you’ve had some time to be aware of what your stressors are and to cultivate some strategies for reducing your responses to them.

I always like to keep this in mind:

Awareness is the #1 key, the first step, in making ANY changes you desire.

If you’re not aware of what is stressing you out, or how your body is reacting to the stress and anxiety, it’s hard to know you’re even swimming in the waters of stress! It can feel “normal,” even though it isn’t a “normal” state of being.

During the 5 Day Happiness Challenge that I facilitated a couple of weeks ago, the tools, strategies, and practices that I taught were not only designed to uncover our innate happiness and joy, but were directly linked to being less stressed out.

When we connect more to our innate happiness, we are naturally reducing our stress and anxiety levels. That’s a win for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

I want to share with you, that creating, designing, and doing the practices myself, definitely up-leveled my own happiness.

And, on day 3, I taught “purposeful” laughter.

It was a hoot to do, fun and I had a smile on my face all day just from that experience. 🙂

If you were part of this challenge-I am so grateful for your participation. I love the fact that there were so many people that wanted to learn how to tap into their happiness. I know from past surveys I’ve done, this is a topic of great interest for my community of “Mind Matters.”

And, if you missed the opportunity to join in, I’d like to share with you one of the trainings of the challenge to support you in re-connecting with your innate happiness, up-leveling your happiness “set point” and helping you be less stressed out.

Connect with me via the Breakthrough the Challenge of Change FREE phone discovery session.

Cheers to more happiness and less stress in all of our lives!



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