Discover Your Joy: Free 5 Day Happiness Boosting Challenge!

Discover Your Joy: Free 5 Day Happiness Boosting Challenge!

It’s time to boost your happiness with a Free 5 day Happiness Boosting Challenge!

Looking to boost your happiness levels?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

By participating in this 5 day challenge, you can expect to feel lighter, more resilient, more calm and happier.

Sounds good, right?

As April is Stress Awareness month-it’s the perfect time to develop new habits that will positively impact your thoughts, your actions, and your emotional well being.

It’s an opportunity to de-stress, empower yourself and elevate your happiness foundation.

Join in on this fun 5 days from Monday, April 10th-Friday, April 14th.

It’s easy-each day you will be given a tip, a small task or assignment that will contribute to your happiness level!

If you are know you’re ready-simply enroll in the box below!

Please know-being happy does not mean grinning from ear to ear every day, although you just may find yourself doing more and more of that when you build a foundation of happiness and well being from these 5 days.

Happiness is a state of being built on a foundation of our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It isn’t something that can be wished into existence.

Nor is it something that we can simply decide to be.  

What we can decide on is to take action steps that will support us in creating habits which align our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors to naturally result in our being happy.  

The happiest individuals are the ones who approach life with intention and purpose, and understand that their own happiness is within their power to create.

Join in to create and boost your Happiness levels! It all starts on Monday, April 10th.

By the end of this 5-day challenge, you’ll find you’ve elevated your happiness levels so that you can move forward in your life with more freedom and inner peace.

Unfortunately, our culture has conditioned us to think that happiness is something that will magically appear when we achieve certain goals or acquire more possessions.

Achieved goals and acquired possessions may provide a temporary happy feeling, but that feeling usually fades as we look for what is next to get that feeling back.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’ll be happy when:

  • I have a better job
  • We are finally on vacation
  • I am retired
  • I have a bigger house
  • The kids are in college
  • The weather gets better
  • I lose that weight
  • I have that new car

And, we’re bombarded with messages that consistently tell us more is better and will us happier.

They are so ingrained in our cultural minds, that we’re often unaware of them and how they are infringing upon our happiness.

Reports on people’s happiness show that many of us are really not happy no matter “when” something happens or “how much more” of anything we have.

Ready for a change from going down that path of stress and unhappiness?

The Good news: Thoughts, behaviors and attitudes can be changed.

Our minds are quite “plastic” and we can re-train our minds, just as we train our bodies in exercise, our job skills, and so many other things we consciously and intentionally learn in our lives.

With Spring in the air, and its propensity to inspire us with thoughts and feelings of renewal and rediscovery,  there’s no better time to reset your body, mind, and spirit, and cultivate the groundwork for joy and fulfillment in your life.

By taking part in this 5-day challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to empower yourself and elevate your happiness foundation.

Join in to create and boost your Happiness levels! It all starts on Monday, April 10th.

Having a foundation of happiness is key in navigating the tides of life with more confidence and assurance that you’re not going to drown.

Over the course of just five short days, with daily challenges designed to help you develop new habits to positively impact your thoughts and actions, you’ll develop the tools and mindset needed to create a solid foundation of happiness for yourself.

You’ll start to see and feel a difference in your overall happiness levels right away.

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to cultivate that optimal state of being called happiness?

I think we all want that.

Ready for some happiness foundation building?

Are you ready to feel better, no longer have stress running you and feel more present and alive in your life?

Then Sign up below for the free 5 Day Challenge.

Ready for some happiness foundation building?

Go ahead and Sign up below for the free 5 Day Happiness Challenge.You’ll be glad you did!

Here are the dates again: Monday, April 10th-Friday, April 14th. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself the gift of happiness-for no reason at all-except because you want to feel good and enjoy your life fully!

Just enter you name and email below and you’ll receive an email with all the details and a surprise gift, too to support you in getting started.

It’s free and as it’s my passion to support you in living YOUR best life in mind, body and spirit-now is the perfect time to hop on the train to train your brain to be happy!

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