Resolutions are So Old School!

Resolutions are So Old School!

Happy End of January!

Wow, January flew in and out quite quickly, eh?

Ok, did you do that thing at the start of this year? You know that annual ritual of making New Year’s Resolutions that are usually based on a foundation of shame, of negating some part of yourself, with intentions of trying to fix you instead of creating what and who it is you really want to expand into?

Well, if you did, how’s it going? This can be the time when you begin to wonder why the heck you chose that for a New Year’s resolution.

Or…perhaps you’re still committed, but find it more and more challenging to stay focused, be on track and have the energy to keep resisting that which you said you “don’t want” anymore!

One way to put an end to this challenge is to:


Making New Year’s resolutions, more often than not, is a recipe for triggering old limiting beliefs, thoughts that derail you and actions that are contrary to being inspired.

Now, triggering old patterns of behaviors, thoughts, feelings and beliefs, could be beneficial, if you are able to utilize them as teachers.

Looking at those old patterns of behaviors, the things that derail you, as well as the self-talk that keeps you being a victim, as opportunities for learning how they stop you and how they hinder you from getting what it is you want, opens the gates to your innate wisdom and your creative self.

It’s at this more elevated position that you can design and create what it is you really want. In this elevated state, where you learn from your triggers, you no longer operate in the should’s that keep draining your energy, but instead operate from the higher level of inspiration-which naturally pulls you forward.

Doesn’t that sound much more enticing than resolving not to______ (fill in the blank) or forceful statements such as: I have to fill in the blank (lose 10, 20, 30 pounds, go to the gym 3X per week, stop eating fill in the blank)?

So, if you’ve been doing resolutions and are now ready to use the learnings from your triggers and old limiting ways of being, you are now ready to design and create your 2018!

How do you get from “should-ing” your 2018 to designing and creating it, you might wonder?

The short version:

  • Take some inner focus time for YOU!
  • Ask your “elevated self” your inner wisdom, for the learnings from those blocks or limiting beliefs you’ve had in the past.
  • Then, use this time to let your inner wisdom guide you in designing what it is you really WANT and need to have in your life this year.
  • Really connect into the feelings of what it feels like to have those aspects of your life in place.

For example: If you want less stress in your life-focus on what it feels like to have more inner calm, being less reactive and feeling in control of your life.

Or if you are inspired to have your best healthiest body, then how does it feel and look to you to be choosing foods that work well with your body, give you energy and allow your body to be at its healthiest for YOU?

When you design and create this way, you are inspired to set goals for yourself that keep you connected to why you want them, what’s important about them, and that allows you to expand your vision of what is possible.

Designing and creating your year and your goals is so much more empowering than simply making resolutions from a place of lack. And, your old patterns of behaviors will not be triggered as you no longer are in resistance.

This allows them to fade away as your subconscious mind is given the focus of the strong inspired feelings you are moving toward with your new inspired behaviors as confirmation.

If you’d like to explore how to create more ease in your life this year by designing and creating it with your powerful inner mind, let’s chat.

Just sign up for my Free Breakthrough the Challenge of Change phone session and I’ll take you through a process that will allow you to see your best year and what’s held you back in the past.

We’ll finish with you having a very clear plan on what your next steps are to move forward.

Now is an excellent time to do this, as the initial “pressure” of the New Year is over.

You’ve had time to settle in, maybe to see what hasn’t been working so far this year and are open to using that information as an opportunity to start afresh from this moment on.

So don’t wait….our lives and how we live them really are precious….and why not create the one you really want so you no longer need to keep defaulting to the one that you don’t want?!!!

If you are ready for an amazing year, created from a place of creation, not stress or fear based, I look forward to hearing from you!

I would love to hear what you think about designing and creating your year as opposed to making resolutions.

Comments are welcome below!!

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