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Contact Info

Contact Info

I’m excited you are interested in receiving more information about how hypnotherapy mind coaching can help you.


You can also connect with me on the  Sign up page for more information page.

It will send me an email with your information and I will call or email you back.


If you prefer to talk with me instead, I am very happy to receive your calls.

Please know I may be with a client or out of the office.

Your call is important to me, so do leave a detailed message.

I can be reached in several different ways:

? Call or Text: (425) 941-2051

If you reach a recording, please leave a detailed message, stating your name, address and phone number slowly and clearly.

I will return your call as soon as possible.


Looking forward to connecting with you!

Jackie Foskett, Certified Hypnotherapist Mind Coach

Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist


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