My Commitment to Summertime Mode and the John Muir Trail

My Commitment to Summertime Mode and the John Muir Trail

I love this time of the year!Sun image

It’s summertime mode time!

It’s time to let go, relax and enjoy what Mother Nature is gifting us during this more playful time of the year!

Are you playing?   

It’s just about the end of July and even though summer took a while to get here in the Northwest, I’m loving that it is finally here.

For those of you who have been reading Mind Matters for a while, you know I love summer and refer to its essence as “summertime mode!”

If you are new to Mind Matters, you’ll see how “summertime mode” plays an important role in connecting into our innate playful nature, which is definitely a stress reliever!

As I’ve been mentioning in an earlier Mind Matters issues, this year I decided to stretch myself out of my physical comfort zone and now am almost ready to leave for my long prepared John Muir Trail hike in the Sierras in California.

Looks like I’ll be doing about 60-70 miles or so of it. My amazing husband is planning on doing the entire 221 miles and more given some of the side trails he needs to take for re-supplies and rest stops!

I’m looking forward to it, but also am quite aware that I may have times of struggles.
I may wonder “what the heck was I thinking?”

That’s when I’ll need to STOP and assess where that type of thinking is going to take me, which is probably down some awful tunnel of distress!

That’s when I’ll need to really rely on my more elevated mind.

You know that part that doesn’t relinquish to the doubt. That part that knows “I can do this.” The part that taps into remembering all the preparation and strengths that reside within.

It’s that part that calls to us to remember where we put our focus is where our energy will go.

I know I don’t want my energy used up feeling like a victim full of self pity! That’s draining and will only add to the struggle.

So, I will lean into my vision, the one that called to me to do this journey, to stretch myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

I will call upon that vision to ground me into seeing the beauty all around me, being ever so present to the moment I have right then and there.

And, as I pack up for this amazing trip, this is what I am committed to:

  • To stay present and enjoy what Mother Nature has to show me.
  • When I find myself struggling mentally and physically-STOP and assess where my mind is taking me, shift out of doubt and fear and into my inner resources in order to regain my grounding so I can be mindful, focused and in-joy!

JMT-Hiking image

In sharing my commitment with you, it holds me accountable to my vision and sets the intention very powerfully.  Thank you for contributing to my success.

Would love to learn what you’ve been up to so far this summer and what your commitment is for the rest of your summer?

Please comment below.

If you need any help in finding that sweet flow of commitment to your summertime mode, be sure to schedule a  “Get Relief Now Discovery Session” with me.

It’s free and you will come out so clear on what it is you need to do next to find that commitment to your sweet spot of summertime mode!

I will be posting pictures and posts of my thru-hike on the John Muir Trail whenever I can, so please be sure to

FaceBook small imagesmy Healing Hypnotherapy FaceBook page and visit this website blog so you can see what I’m up to! I’d love to know your positive energy is following me along the trail!

Here’s the link: HH FB


Jackie hiking with pack in Spring 2016


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