Mindfulness 101

Follow these 7 easy steps and notice how quickly you can become mindful!

Step #1-DECIDE you want to become mindful

  • When we decide to do something, we are telling ourselves we are committed and we engage our minds in this “new” decision

Step #2-STOP and pause.

  • Stopping and pausing for a moment in whatever we are doing, brings our attention to the activity and forms a natural “break” from the autopilot program we were on.

Step #3-Breathe consciously.

  • Breathing with focus allows that stop and pause to continue and gives us the opportunity to elevate ourselves into the observer mode.

Step #4-Observe

  • Taking notice of our surroundings such as colors, shapes and sounds we see and hear brings us into the moment.
  • We can also observe our thoughts and feelings as we notice our surroundings.
  • There is no need to pass any judgement on any thoughts or feelings-simply observe.

Step #5-Be curious

  • Being curious allows for new information to be known. Being curious allows us to be in awe/wonder of what it is we are experiencing and receive it, instead of having it just pass by unnoticed.

Step #6-Be in appreciation

  • When we appreciate what it is we are observing, it’s like a download of feel good hormones! We get to be in a state of abundance, not lack and it feels good.

Step #7-Acknowledge the Mindfulness

  • Acknowledging what we have done, being mindful, even if just for a few minutes, reinforces it as a worthwhile practice we’ll want to continue.

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