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Ready to be more mindful, less stressed, worried and anxious?

Then you are ready to discover how you can do that!

As you enjoy your summertime mode, with your new skills of mindfulness, (read previous blog posts) you may be aware you’d like to have more focus in being this way (more mindful) and you’d really like to get rid of those old ways of being and thinking (mind full of “stuff!) that keep popping up and aren’t serving you very well.

Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Coaching is the perfect venue to accomplish this.

And, as I love supporting people in having more calm, ease and meaningful engagement in their lives, I’m opening up just a few spots in August for you to have a free phone “Discovery” session with me.

Remember, I am also being mindful of my time, so I’m not opening up a lot of time right now, but I do want to do the work I love, and I want you to be your best self in mind body and spirit….so I’d love for you to get on the limited August schedule for this amazing phone process.

If you are ready to stop being on auto-pilot and want to get rid of that overwhelm, stress and burned out feeling and move forward into a life that is engaging, meaningful and has a foundation of “inner calm,” then sign up today, so you don’t miss this opportunity while it is here.


Breakthrough the Challenge of Change Free Discovery Phone Session

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