It’s Time to Reboot Our Minds!

It’s Time to Reboot Our Minds!

There’s been a lot of stress and unease prior to and since the election in the US. Now, with the holidays upon us, stresses that are often quite prevalent with this time of the year anyway, can be exacerbated.


It’s time to reboot the stress programs of our minds to more enriching ones that focus on having choice of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It’s time to get rid of the default programing that wants to focus on how stressful everything is right now.

Whatever we choose to focus on is what we keep seeing, feeling and responding to.

You can choose to choose what you focus on!

As Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away….now is a time to take stock of what you are going to choose to focus on.

When you choose to focus on gratitude and appreciation for what is meaningful to you…you are choosing to receive the gift of love.



It’s especially important right now to give yourself as much love as you can…whether you are fretting about the holidays, upset by the election, happy with the election but aware of your friends and family who aren’t…focusing on gratitude will fill you with love. And, feeling love within will bring your mind, body and spirit to a place where you can thrive…and find the solutions you need for whatever challenges you may be experiencing.


You can press the “Reboot” button of your mind by changing your focus. You change your focus by choosing to be in choice!

Autumn road

Choose to be in choice from what isn’t working for you to what it is you are wanting. As you focus on what it is you want to feel, think and experience in your life about the elections, the holidays, your life in general….you wake up your true essence energy and begin to come into alignment with the new programming.

It does require you to keep choosing to stay awake and not fly through your life on automatic programs of the past.

It requires you to keep doing reboots whenever you find yourself falling back on old programming…and it does require you to deliberately choose to focus on who you really are!

So, as the holidays commence and as the world keeps turning, I wish you a Thanksgiving full of love and gratitude for all that is meaningful to your life…and that you hold that energy with you throughout the entire season and help spread the joy all us human beings really want!

To help with the “Reboot” of your mind, come join in on my free webinar: Keep Your Sanity, Your Waist and Your Humor Intact This Holiday Season!

Details will follow shortly!

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