Presence-The Gift that brings on the Cheer!

Presence-The Gift that brings on the Cheer!

Season’s greetings to you and yours!

I just completed 2 live workshops and an online event focused on de-stressing during the holidays!
From the responses and attendance, it certainly seems to be an important issue for most of us!

I have lots of tools and “tips” to keep this holiday season feeling fresh and enjoyable for you,


The most significant of them, which provides an “umbrella” for all the others, is the present you give yourself and others in your life.

It’s the present of being present!

It becomes too easy to be preoccupied with the many things to do, such as shopping for gifts, worrying if the dinner party will go well, decorating, as well as wondering if  you’ll be able to “resist” all those tempting holiday foods, to name just a few!

But, if we give ourselves the gift of being present, instead of always operating from the “what if’s” “to do’s” or “this is the way it was in the past” thinking
we are much more able to experience a sense of well being and satisfaction.

When you take a few moments to really zoom in and notice the present moment, you can shift your attention to the subtleties, richness and beauty available in the moment.

You can experience the magic of the season, instead of the stress of it!

Here are some simple ways to have more presence in your life this holiday season!

  • Bring your focus back to your intention for the season!
    • Take a good deep breath or two and remind yourself of what it is you are wanting to experience this holiday.
      • Is it the magic?
      • Is it the connection with loved ones?
    • This connects you right back into your heartfelt feelings!
  • Use Focused Calm Breathing
    • Take a few moments and simply breathe deep down into your belly.
      • This brings you immediately into the present moment and gets you out of your head and into your body!
    • Breathe into any overwhelm.
      • When you are in the state of overwhelm, you are operating from the past and what if state of mind.
      • Breathe into that feeling and you’ll pop back into the present.
      • When in the present, you can make much more informed decisions than when in the state of overwhelm and distress.
  • Take a “time-out”
    • Even when you think you don’t have the time-make it happen!
      • Either create the time on your calendar or decide right then and there you are going to “take 5!”
    • Giving yourself the gift of a time out, where you simply breathe and become present, gives you the opportunity to ask “What is it I need right now?” or “What inspires me right now?”
      • By attending to your own needs, you will be so much more present to your loved ones. They will feel the difference and will reflect that back to you in their more positive behaviors and energy.
  • Move your body!
    • Walking, stretching, exercising of any sort allows you to move from being on the autopilot of stress to the availability of the moment.
      • Notice how your body feels when walking, stretching, doing a gym class.
      • If you are walking out in Nature, allow Nature to present her gifts to you as you notice the little details of her glorious playing field.
    • During and after moving your body, you’ll feel refreshed, renewed and ready to be present to what is next.
  • Feel Gratitude!
    • Gratitude opens your heart to what is important to you.
    • Gratitude is the epitome of being present.
      • I love how gratitude very easily and simply puts me in the present.
      • It’s not possible to stay rooted in the past or be in distress when you are focused on appreciation and gratitude.
    • Make a list every day-short and sweet is good-of what in your life you appreciate and are grateful for.
      • Could be your health, your spouse, your children, your furry kid(s), your work, your home, your friends,…anything you want to appreciate.
      • Anything you appreciate….appreciates, so it’s as if you are getting back double, triple or more from your investment of this simple act of gratitude.
    • I promise, gratitude will shift you immediately into the present and you will not only feel good, you will be giving yourself the most precious gift you can give yourself and others.

I know these easy tips will support you in being present this holiday season, so my wish for you is to use them, be present and enjoy the holiday season as it unfolds.

There really is no time like the present!

Have fun, be light (keep your sense of humor intact!) and please know I appreciate you very much and am holding my intention for all of us to have a very enjoyable holiday season!

And, please, comment on my blog about your holiday stresses and how these strategies and the gift of being present will support you in having less stress and more joy this holiday season!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays!


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