De-Clutter Your Mind and Stop the Stress!

De-Clutter Your Mind and Stop the Stress!

5 Tips to De-Clutter Your Mind, Stop the Stress and find more inner peace!

No Matter what is happening in the world!


In our fast paced rapidly changing world, it can be very challenging not to be stressed and have our minds be free of all the information to know, worries for the future, endless things to do and what everyone is posting on Facebook!

Many of these thoughts and feelings that clutter our minds can be very energy draining.

When our energy is drained, we are not in our best solution oriented state of mind. We get tired easily and the same thoughts keep running around and around giving us more of the same.

Is it possible break out of that endless spinning of cluttered thoughts?

Yes, it is!

It’s about being mindful.

Mindfulness-Definition Jon Kabat-Zinn

When you are mindful, you are being aware.
When you are being aware…of those thoughts that are cluttering your mind, you can choose to do something about them.

Why would you want to?

Because, being mindful and aware of your thoughts connects you into the present.

When you’re connected into the present, you then get to choose where to put your focus.

When you choose to focus on one thing at a time….your mind gets lighter…you feel better because you have more energy and when you have more energy, you naturally can connect into a solid foundation of inner peace and calm-even in the midst of chaos.


5 Simple Tips to start de-cluttering your mind, stopping the stress and finding more inner peace!


Pay attention to your breathing!
Just the simple act of bringing your attention to your breath will begin to slow down all the chatter of the “monkey mind”.

When you change your focus to your breathing, you are breaking the pattern of the mind chatter!

Do this: As soon as you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts running amok, take a good slow deep breath to get you back into the present moment.

Be here now!
Whatever you doing, be present to it. Whether it’s washing the dishes, doing laundry or doing your job, by focusing your attention and energy on what it is you are doing, you are using your mind like a laser focus beam for the “now.”

When you are in the “now,” you are not allowing the past, nor what hasn’t even happened yet, to dominate your energy and time.  It’s quite freeing!  It’s being in “the Zone,” which always feels expansive and more joyful.
Put up sticky notes: Be here now!

Be Aware of your thoughts!
By paying attention to your thoughts, you give yourself the gift of the present.
There’s no need to judge those thoughts. Simply recognizing them allows you to “choose” if you want them hanging around or not!

Take 5 minutes a day to practice “listening” to what you are saying to yourself.
In time, you’ll be super tuned in when thoughts you don’t want hanging around start to creep in.  You’ll be in charge and feel lighter, too!

Replace “I have to” with “I choose to”!
“I have to” carries a lot of weight and pressure.  It’s exhausting when you are not feeling in choice.

Try instead, to simply replace those heavy “have to’s” with lighter “I choosing to’s” and notice the immediate difference!

Connect with people you care about!
It’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives and not find the time to connect in with the people we care most for. This not only feeds on all those cluttering thoughts of “I should” “I need to” I wish I had the time for”, etc., it also deprives you of the important element of connection.

When we connect in to others who we like, love and feel an affinity to, we allow for more joy in our lives. Feeling more joy releases the clutter of thoughts and stops the stress.

Give this a whirl: Schedule to connect with one person per week you’ve been wanting to be in contact with.  Connect via email, phone call, postcard, or a get together!  Watch how your actions change those thoughts, which are bound to lighten your mood!

There are so many additional ways to de-clutter and bring more inner calm to your mind and to your life.  The important thing is to start now with these simple steps.  You will notice not only a less cluttered mind, but more joy to the life you are living-no matter what the external circumstances.


Find Inner Peace here!

Please share your thoughts below on how these tips can support you in having a less cluttered mind and more inner peace!

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