Don’t let stress sabotage your happiness

Don’t let stress sabotage your happiness

As April is stress awareness month, seems like a good time to take stock of what might be stressing you out, making you anxious and generally impeding on your happiness levels.

Stress can be insidious… it can seem “normal.” Many people are operating on a consistent stress wave and are not even aware that they’re stressed.

By stopping to take inventory every so often, you allow yourself to become aware.

Awareness is ALWAYS the first step in resolving or changing any issue in our lives or wanting to experience our lives more fully, with more joy and lightness of being.

If we’re not aware, we’re functioning on auto pilot.

Functioning on auto pilot with stress as the navigator is a red flag for unhappiness.

It’s no secret that chronic stress negatively impacts our health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Just do a google search and you’ll find an abundance of articles and studies showing how being stressed consistently can directly or indirectly lead to illnesses, low immunity and a diminished ability to recover as easily from any health issue.

Obviously, feeling chronically stressed in not in your favor.

What is in your favor, though, is your ability to tap into your innate happiness.

I’m sure you’re wondering how.

Here’s the simple answer:

By adapting new habits that shine the light on your happiness…because your happiness is always there.

…it’s just that you’ve probably become disconnected to it by the rigors of daily routines and the many stressors in life that have had you reacting in ways that separate you from that happiness.

…and maybe even believing that you can’t be truly happy.

As I talked about in the video, I’m facilitating a

FREE 5 Day Happiness Challenge.

It’s designed to re-connect you back into your happiness essence.

You can learn more by visiting my website page, where you’ll find a simple form to complete to enroll.

It starts soon-April 10th and ends on the 14th.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you how you can connect to your happiness!

And, please-we can all use more focus on happiness-so share this link with everyone you know.

Whether you think they need it or not…

We will all benefit when each of us connects to the happiness that resides within us!



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