Assess Your Life Balance Quiz

Assess Your Life Balance Quiz

Life-Work-Play Balance Quiz

If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy, life can feel like a three-ring circus.

When we’re out of balance, it’s stressful.

Take this short quiz to help you assess your life-work-play balance.

Then check out the scoring system at the end to find out where you stand.

This isn’t about shaming, blaming or feeling victimized, it’s simply providing you an honest assessment of how your life balance is in the present moment.

Remember: awareness is ALWAYS the first step to making any changes you desire.

  • To what extent do you find yourself working outside of regular working hours (e.g., evenings, weekends)? a) Rarely or never b) Occasionally c) Frequently d) Almost always


  • How frequently do you take breaks or engage in leisure activities during your workday? a) Frequently, I prioritize breaks and leisure activities. b) Occasionally, but I feel guilty when I do. c) Rarely, I prefer to stay focused on work. d) Never, breaks are a waste of time.


  • How often do you cancel or postpone personal plans or commitments due to work-related reasons? a) Rarely or never, I prioritize my personal life. b) Occasionally, if it’s absolutely necessary. c) Frequently, work often takes precedence. d) Always, work is my top priority.


  • To what degree do you feel overwhelmed or stressed due to the demands of work and personal life? a) Rarely or never, I manage stress effectively. b) Occasionally, but I can cope with it. c) Frequently, it’s a constant struggle. d) Always, stress is a regular part of my life.


  • How frequently do you find it challenging to disconnect from work-related tasks or thoughts during your personal time? a) Rarely or never, I can switch off easily. b) Occasionally, but I can eventually disconnect. c) Frequently, it takes effort to disconnect. d) Always, work is constantly on my mind.


  • How often do you prioritize self-care activities (e.g., exercise, hobbies, relaxation) in your daily routine? a) Daily, self-care is important to me. b) Occasionally, when I have spare time. c) Rarely, I prioritize other tasks over self-care. d) Never, self-care is not a priority for me.


  • To what extent do you feel guilty or anxious when you’re engaged in leisure activities or spending time with family and friends? a) Rarely or never, I fully enjoy my leisure time. b) Occasionally, but I try to push those feelings aside. c) Frequently, guilt or anxiety often accompanies leisure time. d) Always, I can’t fully relax due to work-related thoughts.


  • How often do you receive feedback from others that you’re neglecting your personal life or well-being due to work? a) Rarely or never, I maintain a healthy balance. b) Occasionally, but it doesn’t bother me. c) Frequently, and it concerns me. d) Always, and I dismiss their concerns.


  • How frequently do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your overall life, including work, personal life, and leisure activities? a) Most of the time, I feel content and balanced. b) Occasionally, but it’s fleeting. c) Rarely, I often feel something is lacking. d) Never, I’m constantly dissatisfied.


  • To what extent do you experience physical symptoms of burnout, such as exhaustion, insomnia, or headaches? a) Rarely or never, I’m generally well-rested and energized. b) Occasionally, but it’s manageable. c) Frequently, these symptoms are common for me. d) Always, I constantly struggle with physical symptoms.

Once you have completed the quiz, assess your answers based on the following scoring system:

  • For questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, assign 4 points for each “a” answer, 3 points for each “b” answer, 2 points for each “c” answer, and 1 point for each “d” answer.
  • Add up your total score and refer to the following scale to determine your life-work-play balance level:
    • 36-40: Excellent balance
    • 26-35: Good balance
    • 16-25: Fair balance
    • 0-15: Poor balance

Remember, this quiz provides a general assessment and an opportunity to reflect on what is either out of balance and needs more attention or an acknowledgment of how well you are managing your life to be fulfilling and in balance.

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