2 Stress Relief Tips!

2 Stress Relief Tips!

Work stress and loss of free time as well as juggling family responsibilities are big stressors for both women and men.

Here’s a 2 quick stress relief tips from:

The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves.

Stress Relief Tips:

  • Be sure to have a picture of a soothing place on your desk. Anytime you begin to feel stressed, allow yourself 5 minutes to simply stare at the picture and immerse yourself in it.
    • Experience it as if you are really there.
  • Establish a new stress relief habit:set a timer to go off every hour in order to get a break away from the current task on hand. Stretch, walk around and come back and stare at the picture again for 5 minutes and follow the above instructions.

You’ll find more details on creating a soothing image and taking time-outs in The Stress Relief Toolbox!

Meanwhile, as you’re awaiting your copy, you can begin these practices and take time to stare at the lovely colored trees outside, too!

Enjoy your inner calm!

Please share how these simple tips work for you!

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