What makes you feel good?

What makes you feel good?
What makes you feel good?

In a recent article on the Energy of Happiness, I invited you to think and feel about what either expands you or contracts you.

An easy way to increase our overall happiness level is to do things that have us feel expansive-on a daily basis.

What if you simply made a list of those things?

And, what if you looked at that list everyday and focused on doing, experiencing, and/or thinking about at least one thing on that list?

Can you imagine how doing that on a daily basis would implant a happiness habit for you?

I can assure you, it would!

So, here’s a little exercise that you can do right now.

Grab a pen and paper or type into a document on your computer or record into your phone:

What puts a smile on your face? What has you feel good when you think about it or do it?

You might start with some of the big ones such as the people in your life that light you up when you think about them.

Or your furry kids who naturally add smiles to your face and heart.

What about activities or hobbies you like to do that fill you up when you are doing them?

If you are like me, traveling is something I love-lights me right up-at least the traveling part.

I might say the getting ready part…can be a bit contracting-lol!

Whatever is there for YOU…

Write them/record them all…no need to organize, just brainstorm here.

Maybe there’s a favorite song you love, maybe it’s that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning that simply brings you a sense of pleasure and contentment…

The list can go on and on…if you think about all those things that feel expansive to you in your life, right?

You may want to do an initial list and come back to it as you keep your “search engine” of your mind tasked with looking or more things that really light you up.

The point is to be focused on what makes us feel happy and follow that direction in our lives.

As you keep focused on what feels good, what makes you feel expansive, instead of contracted in your body and your mind, you are cultivating a happiness foundation!

In my example of traveling, I need to keep re-focusing back on the travel experience I will have (expansive), instead of all the work there is to do to get there ? (contracted)!

The more you do this, the more you are establishing a happiness habit.

Happiness isn’t something you can say “I’ll be happy” now, it’s about those habits we do that increase our levels of expansiveness that will create more and more happiness in our lives.

And, of course, we will have sadness, we will experience frustration, irritations, anger and all sorts of other “unhappy” emotions, yet when we have a solid foundation of happiness, we bounce back so much more quickly, than if we are in a more consistent state of contraction (those heavier, not so good feelings).

So, give yourself a challenge moving forward.

Challenge yourself to be focused on what lights you up, what expands you and what brings you happiness.

When you commit to this challenge and make that list, focus on it daily and do at least one thing on that list every day, you will find you are living in a much happier state of mind.

I created Special Report on Happiness, a mini e-book, I want to share with you.

Click on the link to get access, download it and keep it for yourself.

Share your thoughts on what makes you feel good and expands you…right here.

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