The Energy of Happiness

The Energy of Happiness

I know I feel uplifted when I’m around someone who emanates an inner calm, an inner peace, and/or a generally happy attitude.

I’m imagining you have noticed this, too?

It’s the same when you are around someone who is moody, down, negative, and/or complaining.

You probably have noticed you feel less energetic, less joyful, and generally not so positive.

Science has shown everything is energy, including right down to all the cells in our bodies that make us who we are.

Energy “vibrates” at various frequencies. And, we are aware of those frequencies, even if it’s unconsciously being perceived.

So, someone who is naturally feeling that inner happiness feeling-that energy, it’s radiating out to others. When we are receiving that vibration, it feels good. We like being around that person or persons.

We are picking up on that “frequency.”

And, the energy of happiness, feels light, optimistic and expansive.

Try this:

Put a smile on your face, sit tall and pull your shoulders back and your chest out.

Close your eyes and simply experience this.

How does that feel?

You most likely felt: Free, open, joyful, maybe light…

You’ve tapped into that expansiveness of energy.

Now, think of someone you love dearly, a beloved furry child/friend, or someone you truly admire, who inspires you.

What do you notice about how your body feels?

Again, you probably noticed you feel lighter, more at ease, more open…

When you are feeling happy, you are literally in this state of expansiveness.

If you were hooked up to a device that measured your body’s functioning, you would see all positive bodily functions occurring.

There’d be an increase in oxygen levels, your muscles would be in a relaxed mode, your heart rhythms would be smooth and regular and your brain would be functioning optimally.

Now, try this:

Collapse your shoulders, slump over, take short breaths, put a frown on your face and tighten up your fists.

How does that feel?

I’m imagining it feels the opposite of what you felt earlier, right?

Perhaps you feel anxious, irritated, heavy, or tight overall?

Now, think of someone you dislike, fear, or are angry with.

How does your body feel now?

Contracted? Heavy? Tight?

When you are unhappy, you are constricting your life’s energy.

All our negative emotions-anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, hate, and more…all contract our energy.

You might begin to see what effect this can have on your physiology and your mental well-being, right?

The opposite of what happens when we’re in a state of happiness.

All the stress response mechanisms kick in.

Our bodies tighten up, less oxygen flows to the muscles and organs, blood flow gets restricted and our immune systems get negatively impacted, making it harder to fight infections.

Not good for our well-being, is it?

This doesn’t mean that we now should be stressed out about having negative emotions and thoughts.

Experiencing a wide range of emotions is part of our humanness.

Yet, when we choose to uplevel our happiness “set point,” or cultivate more inner happiness, we find we can work through these negative emotional states much easier and don’t have to get stuck there.

Here are some ways to cultivate more inner happiness:

Remember the simple exercise earlier where you puffed your chest out, smiled, and pulled your shoulders back?

Remember how good that felt?

Expansive energy is feel-good energy. It’s “happiness,” really!

Focus on what “expands” you.

Be aware in your day, of what expands you…or what “lights you up.”

If you are out walking and you feel expanded—you are adding to your happiness foundation.

If you are doing things that have you feel contracted-then you probably need to re-assess if this is what you want to keep doing, as it’s not adding to your happiness level.

Being aware of what expands or contracts you are vital to being able to shift your level of happiness/unhappiness.

The more you focus on being in the energy of people, things, activities, thoughts, behaviors, etc that feel expansive to you, the more you will uplevel your own inner happiness.

In my work as a Stress & Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapist Mind Coach, I often talk about cultivating an inner calm foundation.

They are similar for sure, but I believe most of us want to be happy. Calm, is good, too, as we need that to navigate our lives effectively, but there is innate gravitation toward happiness.

Both are key to living your best life in mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s my invitation to you now:

Keep focused on what expands you and what contracts you.

And, keep choosing to take the path in the direction of expansion…and watch how you feel.

Shifting our inner happiness levels does not happen by just wishing it to be or by telling ourselves “I’m going to be happy.” It does require a decision to be aware of and a commitment to the process.

Happiness happens by taking small action steps towards that expansive feeling repeatedly.

Repetition of these kinds of actions, produces habits.

Being happy is a really good habit!

Cheers to Happiness!

Let’s hear how the energy of happiness is working for you!

Comment below!

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