April is Stress Awareness Month.

April is Stress Awareness Month.
April is Stress Awareness Month.

Being aware of the stress and what stresses us out in our lives is vital for us to be able to have more happiness in our lives.

There has been lots of news articles, studies, reports and more that tell us how stressful these last 2 years since the pandemic began, has been.

And, while these last 2 years have been especially challenging and stress and anxiety producing, the pandemic is not the only thing to blame.

Stress, it seems, has become for many, a part of everyday life.

We over schedule ourselves, we over work, we keep perpetually busy and go to bed exhausted.

Playing, exercising and quiet time take a back seat. Or if we are doing it, it is “another thing “ that needs to be “done,” causing more distress than joy.

Even if it feels “normal,” it’s not in our best interest to be consistently stressed.

What can you do?

Awareness is always key to making any changes.

If you’re not aware that you’re stressed or you’re not aware of what stresses you out…you might think that’s just the way life is.

But, if you read the article “What makes you feel good?” and do the simple exercise, you’ll begin to not only become of aware of what “feels good,” lights you up and/or expands you, you’ll also become aware of the things that stress you out.

For example: When I think about walking out in nature and just feeling that freedom of walking and moving my body, it expands me-it lights me up.

This is turn, has me notice and be aware of when I’m sitting too long at my computer, doing too much work, which as much as I love what I do, if I’m sitting too much, I feel contracted-not so good-stressed that I’m not getting outside.

I invite you to use this month of Stress Awareness to turn on and dial up the volume of what is stressful in your life. What contracts you…and what is the opposite of that…or what could counter the stress for you.

If you haven’t read the previous article on the Energy of Happiness, this would be a perfect time.

Meanwhile, wishing you much awareness on not only stress-but how to uplevel your happiness!



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