What is Resilience?


Resilience provides you with the strength to deal with adversity. When you are faced with the hardships and stresses of life, resilience provides you with a reservoir of skills and strengths to carry you through the situation.

If you are a resilient person, an emotionally resilient person, you will be able to bounce back quicker and stronger. Change, loss, and trauma are inevitable in this life. We will all experience some type of setback as we journey on our way, while some of these setbacks are minor, there are plenty of big ones to deal with.

How you deal with that impacts the outcome and it’s all determined by your level of emotional resilience.

Perhaps you know someone who always remains calm despite the disasters raging around them. Those unflappable human beings are the resilient among us. It’s an important skill to possess when dealing with illness, job losses, medical issues, financial issues, death, or divorce.

Instead of fading into the back, a resilient person deals with it head-on. While it doesn’t make you immune to adversity, it makes you stronger.

Adversity is a fact of life and to overcome it you need emotional resilience. If you need to work on your resilience levels, there’s good news. It’s not a fixed trait, it’s something that you can increase by being committed and taking these action steps.


3 Steps to Develop More Emotional Resilience

1.    Decide to become more resilient!

    • This is the first step and most important-you must decide to become emotionally resilient!
    • This puts you in charge and stops the feelings of hopelessness.


2.    Challenge your negative self talk!

    • Decide to be aware of your self talk
    • Thoughts-self talk that portrays yourself as a victim or helpless are especially destructive.
    •  Examples: “I can’t deal with this;” “nothing ever works for me;” “I might as well give up;” “I’m no good at this-why bother;” “Everyone else does it better than me”
    • Stop, ask and inquire: Is that really true?
    • Choose to change how you view yourself and to recognize your own power to control your life.


3.    Develop a more optimistic attitude.

    • Look at what has gone right/well
    • Acknowledge your skills and intelligence
    • When things go sideways-look to see what you can learn from it and move forward

Start with these 3 steps and notice how your resiliency improves.

By taking these steps, you will find yourself so much more grounded and resilient for all the changes and new beginnings the Fall brings!


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