Building Resilience

Building resilience

Why Building Emotional resilience is vital


When you are faced with a negative situation, how do you respond? If you can navigate the situation without a lot of drama, then you have a good measure of emotional resilience.

If you blame other people for the problem, if you brood about the things you cannot control, if you see it as insurmountable, then you don’t.


However, you can.


You can build emotional resilience by enhancing a positive mindset and by shunning negativity.


While you learn how to build your resilience levels, you can also encourage the people around you to do the same.


This is particularly important if you’re raising children. Your levels of resilience will influence theirs. Don’t let them get caught up in the cycle of negative emotions that have weighed you down. It’s important to focus on the things you can control – otherwise, you will spiral out of control.


Adversity is a fact of life and to overcome it you need resilience. If you need to work on your resilience levels, there’s good news. It’s not a fixed trait, it’s something that you can increase through hard work and commitment.


Refer to the last blog post for the first 3 steps to developing more emotional resiliency.


Here are 4 more steps to increase your level of emotional resilience.


      • Build a social support network.
        • Life feels easier-it’s easier to be more emotionally resilient when you have supportive people in your life to remind you of your accomplishments in this arena and other arenas in your life.
        • For comfort and fun!
      • Develop your “coping skills/tools.
        • Learn a variety of stress relief “inner calm” tools
          1. Practice so they become second nature
          2. Having an “inner calm foundation” provides the stability you seek
        • Believe you are capable of dealing with adverse situations
        • This will support you in recovering from setbacks quickly!


      • Laugh!
        • At your own “silly-human-ness”
        • At how things went south
        • Keep a sense of humor!
          • Notice how funny life can be sometimes
          • Everything does not have to be a serious problem!


      • Remember/RE-Mind yourself:
        • You are always in control of your responses-even if that is all you have control of at the moment!
        • Maybe none of your choices are that great-but you still have a choice.
        • See yourself working toward emotional health instead of trying to fix your emotional pain.
        • Remind yourself of what you want to achieve!
        • Be patient and understanding of yourself!
        • View setbacks as just that-setbacks-not the end of the world or that you are a failure.
        • Cultivate the attitude of emotional resilience
          • It will eventually be automatic for you
          • You will surprise yourself with how well you deal with things that in the past would have seriously upset you.



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