What are you doing with your New Year?

Happy New Year! Again!


Here we are at the end of the first month of 2013!


How’s your year going so far?


Sure seems to be flying by already for me!

Realizing how fast time goes gets me really focused on how important it is to be the designer of my life, instead of letting my life happen by default.


This supports me in getting more of what I want!


This year, I’m stepping up the game and designing my life with more play and ease in all I do.  And, I want to do things that really resonate with me, not because I think I “should”.


So, I’m very energized right now and loving the creative ideas that are running around in my head.


My husband and I had a great conversation on New Year’s Eve day about a “theme” we wanted to create for 2013.

As we’re both very passionate about contributing to others, whether in volunteer efforts or through our work, we decided this year’s theme would be “the year of contribution”.


Even though this is something we both already do, by naming it this year, we’re giving it a different type of focus.  We’re planning on stretching out of our comfort zones to go beyond where we’ve been before.


I want to do some work with organizations that support people who are homeless and/or with women who are experiencing housing and job crises.  My husband wants to set up systems at his work for volunteers to call on people with health issues to check in on them.

And, we both want to volunteer at Best Friends’ Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, where the animals are always needing some extra TLC.


I have a very good feeling about this year.


I am feeling so energized and so full of creative ideas, I can hardly contain myself!


The next step of course, is to take all those ideas and make a plan!


Naturally, I plan on continuing to bring you useful “tips” and articles to support you in having less stress as you move forward in 2013.


If you have any particular area you would like me to address in one of my e-zines, please be sure to email me or make a comment below.


I’d like to tell you a process I did on New Year’s Eve day that was most significant for me that allowed me to feel complete with 2012 and take in the energy for 2013.


Read further in “More from Jackie” article to learn how you, too can be complete with the past year and energized for this new year!


Would love to hear what you are envisioning for your 2013!  Comment below!


To a great 2013!



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  • I must say, as I’ve been thinking about the Best Friends’ Animal Sanctuary, I’m a little concerned it may be too hard not to bring home one of those lovely darling cats that need a home.

    I’ve made a conscious choice to be without a furry child for a while in my life, due to many reasons, so I wonder just how well those reasons will hold up while I’m there!




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