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2 Quick Announcements!

Self Improvement Gifts 7 Free Give Away

World Hypnotism Day Special


The Self Improvement Gifts 7 Free Give Away has started!

It’s a great way to start the new year!

I want you to have access to as many different resources as you desire to make this year your best year!

So go ahead and browse through the many free gift offers-over 500! and download to your heart’s content!

I currently have one free gift available, but will have 2 more coming up!

Here’s the link: Self Improvement Free Gifts 7



In honor of World Hypnotism Day, which is officially January 4th,

I am offering all my programs and sessions at last year’s fees.

That’s a savings from 5-12% off current fees! 

If you’re ready to get rid of the weight that’s been burdening you down


If you’re ready to make positive changes and reduce your stress levels


If you are ready to stop smoking once and for all


If you are ready to create a healthy life by getting rid of the negative stressful thoughts that keep you stuck in unhealthy behaviors….

Then this is the exact opportunity for you!

This is a very limited time offer for these amazing savings!

This offer ends: Friday, January 11th   

Call now: 425-227-8210; 425-941-2051

to find out which “Series of Sessions” program is right for you.

You’ll automatically receive my “Get Relief Now” free consult.

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