Top 10 Things to Say to YOURSELF!

Top 10 Things to Say to YOURSELF!

Your Words are Important!

Often the things we say to ourselves we wouldn’t even think of saying to another person

We blame, shame, call names of the meanest sort, nag, belittle and bully ourselves through self-talk.

What if, instead, we were gentler with ourselves, asked ourselves questions and listened to the responses.

What if we treated ourselves as we treat a best friend, someone we love dearly. Here’s a Top 10 list of loving things to say to yourself.

  1. What do you feel? Asking ourselves what we feel can help put names to, and identify emotions. Listening for the response and being honest with ourselves is like taking our emotional temperature.


  1. What do you need? A need is different from a want. Whereas a want states a desire, a need is usually a statement about nurturing. Pay attention to your needs, they’re about caring for yourself.


  1. Good job. Congratulate yourself on a job well done whether it’s mowing the lawn, writing a poem or cleaning the bathroom. Give yourself a verbal pat on the back.


  1. I apologize. Saying “I’m sorry” for all the wrongs we have done ourselves can be the first step in healing.


  1. Let’s play. Lighten up and be playful. Listen to what comes up when you suggest play.


  1. Breathe. Reminding ourselves to breathe helps relieve tension, gives us that moment we sometimes need to center and ground ourselves.


  1. I forgive you. Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves. Yet, to have closure and to move on, often means we have to forgive ourselves.


  1. Let go. Releasing worries, resentments, anger and fears loosens the grip of resistance and makes room for growth.


  1. Be present. Staying present, being aware of the physical, acknowledging the moment, this is when we are truly alive.


  1. I love you. We say it to others, why not say it to ourselves. Say it again.


If you need support in cultivating more empowering self talk, use the Free Discovery Session and we can see how hypnotherapy mind coaching can help!

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