This Four Letter Word Is Powerful

This Four Letter Word Is Powerful

Here’s a story for you about that 4 letter word:

Ook and Mook, two cavemen, were out for a walk one day when a saber-toothed cat crossed their path.

While Ook immediately turned tail and ran to safety, Mook thought the cat was cute and tried to scratch it under the chin.

Needless to say, Ook wound up passing his common sense to his children, while Mook wound up passing through the cat.

What does that mean for us? It means that fear is as closely tied to the survival of our species as eating.

And what that means is that fear can be awfully difficult to ignore.

There is a lot of fear out there in our world.

Fear of COVID, fear of vaccines, fear of others’ perspectives, not to mention common fears and worries about finances, our health, the state of our planet, job security, dental procedures, birthing, needles, and so much more.

When you find yourself residing in a state of fear over many of life’s events, unknowns and challenges, it becomes a cycle that impacts so many other areas of your life, too.

You may find yourself becoming more and more fearful of doing even simple things, as well as being fearful of asking for that raise, setting healthy boundaries for your well being or presenting an innovative idea in your career.

Fear has the power to shrink your world, if you let it.

So what gives? Why do we let fear call the shots so often?

As we move into the “unofficial” start of Fall with September’s propensity to begin anew, take some time to exam those fears, worries, doubts and concerns that may be holding you back from your best life.

Read this article to get some time-tested methods for taming and overcoming those fears.

Try them out next time you feel fear creeping in to smother your passions.

(Unless there really is a saber-toothed cat!)

Wishing you courage for taming any unhealthy fears,


Your Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist

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