Springing into Space!

Springing into Space!

Personal notes on spring, space, and decluttering the mind!Springtime daffodils

Spring has sprung and I’m loving it!  It feels so fresh and open to what is possible. Does it do that for you, too?

There has been a lot of stressful energy this past winter.

From some extreme weather conditions to negative political climates, practicing self-care has never been more important.

One of my self-care practices that I renewed last fall is yoga.

Yoga provides a “space” in my life that simply allows me to focus on being mindful of my body. It de-clutters my mind and gets rid of all the “noise”.

During my yoga practice, there is no room for all those “to do’s” on my list or stressful thoughts that might want to take up space rent free in my mind. Instead, I am just being present to the poses and how my body feels. It’s a process that opens me up on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

There seems to be so much “noise” in our lives these days, don’t you think?

From traffic, to cell phone notifications, to people talking on their phones in public, to news being broadcast on big screens in so many public places, it doesn’t give us much space to be present to who and how we are.

When we are operating with so much noise in our heads and environment, we become unconscious to how our bodies feel, what thoughts are running in the background that might be serving us no good and it creates internal stress from the continuous input.

Could you use some “space” in your life?

Hanging out in Mother Nature is one way to get some space, clear your mind of your winter cobwebs and get connected to YOU.

I know I love having “quiet time.” It restores me and rejuvenates me.
Check out the article: “Create More Space in Your Life And Feel Less Busy and Stressed.

See if giving yourself some breathing room might support you in a new energized self-caring way!

Wouldn’t it be great to show up in your life feeling enlivened, energized and restored?

I’m all for that!

Here’s to a more spacious and clutter free spring!



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