Simple Ways to Get More Movement in Your Life

Simple Ways to Get More Movement in Your Life

Simple Ways to Get More Movement in Your Life

by Jackie Foskett, CH

We all “know” that most Americans need more exercise: we’ve been reading about it, hearing it on the news, and putting it on our long to-do lists. I’d like to enroll you in another way of thinking about exercise—a “reframe.”

Our bodies are meant to move. Movement keeps systems functioning properly. The more we move our bodies, the more we burn calories, tone muscles, release toxins and waste, and even increase our metabolism. So, allow the child within—your inner child—to help out with a fun game. The goal is finding new ways to move your body every day from several minutes to up to 1 hour. Allow fun in!

The movement game
For example, you might try skipping on your morning walk. You might try taking two steps at a time as you walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Perhaps, as the weather gets nicer, you might bring out the bike that’s been gathering dust in the garage and simply start riding around the neighborhood. When going shopping, see how far away you can park from the store, in order to get in some extra walking.

Like those “oldies, but goodies”? Turn on a CD and get moving in your living room. How about putting on a headset while cleaning? You might even find you can dance and clean at the same time. What a difference that could make when doing those chores! Need to mow the lawn? Save gas and the environment by getting a push mower and you’ll get in a workout while tidying up the lawn.

Moving your body doesn’t have to be about going to a gym, walking on a treadmill, or lifting heavy weights. These activities are all fine, if you like to do them, are trained properly, and can meet the time commitment. But if you’re someone who feels time crunched and/or bored with the gym routine, allow your inner child to help you find fun and creative ways to move, be fit and healthy, and in action with your body. Your body will love you for it. Best of all, you can cross off exercise from your “to do” list. It will happen naturally!

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