Affirmations for Self-Hypnosis

Affirmations for Self-Hypnosis
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Use any of these affirmations during your self-hypnosis exercise, or feel free to create your own.

I am learning to relax more & more every day.
I have deep freedom from the past.
I trust myself to discover what to do.
I am using the powerful inner levels of my mind.
I am filled with confidence.
I nourish myself with healthy foods.
I nurture myself completely.
I take good care of myself.
I treat myself with respect.
I move my body for my well being.
I pay attention to how my body feels.
I eat when I am hungry.
I stop eating before I am full.
I am learning, growing, changing.
I am learning to give myself “quiet time” daily.
I have a creative and powerful mind.
I reject negative thoughts and behaviors.
I naturally reject anything that would harm me.
I have control over what I think.
I have control over what I do.
I have control over what I say.
I feel safe.
I am deeply relaxed and calm.
Things are changing in a good way.


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