Mind full or Mindful? Where are you?

Mind full or Mindful? Where are you?

I am a big fan of being in summertime mode and those of you who have been in my community for a while know that about me.

And, you know, I’m wanting that for you too!

But, I must confess, this year, so far, I’ve been “off” quite a bit in getting there. I’ve had my mind full of lots to do. Much too much! And, I haven’t been as mindful of how much I was putting on my plate!

Oh dear!

And, now it seems like summer is shortly coming to an end!


But, really it isn’t. It’s just how it seems when we are so busy because it doesn’t allow for time to slow down and expand.
And, I decided to challenge myself right now to be more mindful of each moment-even if it isn’t sitting around looking at the blue sky and the lovely plants in my garden, but simply being present to all I’m engaged in. .

My intention is to have the rest of the summer feel slower and much more enjoyable!

What about you?

Are you finding the time is simply flying by this summer and you’re wondering how to find that “summertime mode?”

In our fast paced world, this can happen to all of us.

And, we need to re-claim our time for relaxation, quiet time, slower paced days that aren’t filled to the hilt trying to cram it all in–even fun things.

So, how to do that?

Share your thoughts below on how your summer is going. Are you being mindful or is your mind full of too many things to do?

Read on about what “Mindfulness” is, why it’s important and how to practice it little by little in your own life.

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