January Pressures!

As we slide into the end of January, I must say I’m relieved!

Even though I’m a big fan of creating and designing the new year instead of making resolutions that so often are a recipe for failure, the beginning of a new year has the potential to bring on new pressures if we get too focused on having it “right.”

So, I must admit, I did that to myself at the beginning of this month.

I loved thinking about all the new possibilities for my new year and having the opportunity to design and create it the way I wanted it to be.

My problem was I didn’t take the time to actually sit and plan right from the start. So, everything was bouncing around in my head, mixed with excitement, questions about how to do it all and then came the pressure.

Yes, this is a confession from your stress relief specialist!

I got myself into a tizzy because I didn’t STOP, take the Time Out, (2 tools from my book!!!) and do some adequate planning.

With adequate planning, I would’ve been able to see more clearly how taking the appropriate small steps leads to the bigger picture in all the right timing, thus relieving the pressure of feeling it all needs to be now or yesterday!

Does this sound familiar?

That’s why I’m relieved it’s the end of the month.

It helps me get into the proper perspective now.

I know that it’s not a race to the finish line, instead it’s a nice steady pace, full of mindfulness, knowing I’ve got a plan to follow that incorporates all the great things I want to create and implement this year, both professionally and personally.

Yes, this plan may take some different turns along the way, but it is a map, to guide me, instead of just holding it in my head, which can be quite stressful.

As a result, I’m now feeling relief, an inner calm and looking forward to enjoying this year and what I’m creating.

I’ll keep you posted on some of my new adventures as the year nicely unfolds.

Be sure to check out the various resources available, including the complimentary phone processes, to support you in creating, designing, and planning your 2016 so it will be the year you want it to be!

Meanwhile, please share with me below how you’ve been doing your first month. Have you experienced that “pressure” to have it all done NOW? Did you make a plan for yourself that allows you to step into your future and bring it back into the present?

I’d love to create a forum on how to have a calm foundation to keep you on track for your 2016 so you are connected to that creative part of yourself and not the demanding dictator part! (I’m speaking from experience!)

Please submit your comments for a forum below!



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Comments (2)

  • Absolutely right, the new years resolution ‘thing’ isn’t worth much.

    If one special date (1st of january) is responsible for you to pursue some goals then there is something wrong. Especially because you put so much pressure on yourself to get everything right from the start.

    Designing life from start to finish is the way to go 🙂

    Last year i decided to change my lifestyle completely. Every month I would make a small change.

    Either I removed a bad habit or I implemented something good. These small changes add up and at the end of the year I feel totally different.

    Good luck to you Jackie

    • HI Daniel,
      I like your idea of either adding or subtracting something once a month!
      Yes, I like to design-as in envision what it is I want for the year in all aspects of my life: business & personal.
      From there, I like to create a flexible plan as a guide.
      I do like the idea of consciously deciding to eliminate something that isn’t working or I would say isn’t in alignment with one’s plan/values or add in something that will support the vision/plan-something that aligns well.
      You are so right-it’s those little steps we take that add up to having completed the entire hike/trail/path we set out to journey on!
      Have a great 2016!


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