January 2015 Happenings for Healing Hypnotherapy!

January 2015 Happenings for Healing Hypnotherapy!

New HypnoBirthing® Classes starting January 13th
at EvergreenHealth. Pass this on to your pregnant friends and family in the area!

A quote from one of my recent new moms:
“Thanks so much for teaching Travis and me the tools for a very normal birth. Your class helped loads with my anxiety about my pregnancy and my birth experience was the PERFECT ending to a very emotionally difficult 9 1/2 months. We are all so happy and healthy and our son has adjusted beautifully to life outside the womb. Thank you again for everything. Honestly, I can’t wait to do it all over again!”

Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway 9 starts January 9th
Look for emails telling you how to get tons of free audios, reports, and more all to support you in moving forward at your best in 2015!

Weight Release with Ease in 2015!
425-941-2051  and get all the information you need to learn how hypnosis for weight release and/or GastroBandHypnosis can get you the best mindset for successful weight release results.

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