It’s That Time of the Year Again to Reflect & Renew

It’s That Time of the Year Again to Reflect & Renew

I hope your holidays were a time that was meaningful to you.

Even though we may not all celebrate the same holidays or find them challenging for a variety of reasons, they do mark a time when we’re conscious that it is the last month of the year.

And, so I’d like to share something with you that is significant as we come to the end of this year, 2023.

A few weeks ago, when I attended a Tapping Solution event on “Reflect, Learn & Renew: Closing the Year with Insight and Growth” with Jessica Ortner, I knew I needed to share my thoughts and insights with you on this powerful end-of-year/beginning of the year ritual.

You probably found this past month of December filled with the busyness of the holidays, with no time to simply reflect on the year that is now behind us.

And as New Year’s Eve just a few days away, it’s possible you may be saying: “Wow, the year has really flown by. Here comes a new one!  How’d that happen?”

I know I’ve said that…it does seem to fly by, doesn’t it? We get so busy “doing” our lives, that it can often feel like it’s a blurry old movie when we think about last January.

Yet, if we stop and take the time, whether it’s at the end of this year or the beginning of the next new year…and really reflect on what we experienced, felt, obstacles and challenges we overcame, it adds a depth to our being-ness, which can feed us as we move forward into the coming new year.

One of the areas we tapped on in Jessica’s live event was “Gratitude.”

If you’ve been following me for any time, you know this is a favorite topic of mine.

It might seem so ordinary to just ask yourself:

“What am I grateful for in the year that just passed,”

but stopping and reflecting on that simple question can open you up to actually receiving, being present to all that occurred, even the obstacles you faced and overcame.

Gratitude is rather magical that way.

It magnifies what you are feeling grateful for and carries that into the future for you.

Click here for a simple exercise to do that will support you in reflecting and finding that inspiration of renewal.

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