A Simple Exercise for Reflection and Renewal

A Simple Exercise for Reflection and Renewal

Here’s a simple exercise you can do for yourself to bring more expansion, joy and love into your heart.

Take 10 minutes-longer if you choose.

Ask yourself: What am I most grateful for the year behind me?

Write down whatever pops into your mind.

I highly suggest you write it down-it will imprint onto your subconscious mind at a deeper level.

Now, ask: What am I most grateful for about myself?

Again, write it down.

Could be your kindness you expressed to someone…or just in general…how you are a kind person.

Could be your wisdom, your compassion, your perseverance, your organizational abilities, your playfulness, your humor.

Don’t be shy about acknowledging and being grateful about your own attributes.

By doing this process, it dispels that nasty inner critic that wants to tell you how you’re not doing things right, how you’re not good enough and all those negatives it can bestow upon us.

This exercise is about focusing in on opening up to this past year…and reflecting on being grateful for those experiences we had, the people who were there for us, or who even challenged us to grow.

When we include ourselves in our gratitude practice, all those other aspects that show up on our gratitude list expand even more.

I hope you’ll take some time during this last part of this year to do this.

Sit down with a nice cup of tea, find a quiet spot to reflect and enjoy the process.

I know it will fill you up with the energy of gratitude that will support you as you navigate all the end-of-the-year busyness.

As I reflected on my year and asked myself “what am I grateful for in the year that has passed?,” you, my community of Mind Matters popped into my mind quite easily.

And, as a result, I’d love to gift you a special audio I created for this exercise. It goes even deeper than what I’ve given you here…it will really allow you to neatly “tie the bow” on this past year and be ready to create an amazing New Year filled with your dreams and inspiring actions.

Complete the form below and you’ll get access to the download page for the audio!

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