It’s About You!

It’s About You!

It’s About You!
by Jackie Foskett, CH

So, how are YOU doing halfway through 2006? Are you feeling fulfilled? Or are you feeling tired? Wishing you had more time? What about those New Year’s resolutions? Still looking to get rid of those extra pounds gained from the year before? Wanting more play time? Wanting more sleep? Wanting more time with family? Meaning to choose healthier foods to eat, but?..I’m imagining the list could go on if you, like so many of us who live fast paced lives, tend to put YOU last on your list of priorities.

6 months to make a difference
Luckily, there’s still another 6 months to make things different! Starting right now, YOU can be first. You know how on airplanes we’re instructed to put on our own oxygen masks before helping others? That’s because we can’t properly assist anyone else if we aren’t functioning well ourselves. Essentially that’s what we do when we consistently “forget” to give ourselves time, rest, healthy food choices, exercise or other forms of self-care. We deplete our energy reserves. We become vulnerable to illness because our immune system doesn’t function properly when we are tired, depleted, depressed and in overwhelm!

The healing power of breath
So, right now, after reading this paragraph, take a moment, close your eyes and simply BREATHE! Breathe down into your abdomen, noticicing how it expands as you inhale, Then simply and slowly exhale, noticing how your abdomen sinks down to your back. Do this several times and you will begin to feel a sense of relief come over you. Your shoulders will sink into the frame of your body and you will find it easy to simply let go for a few minutes. Letting go, giving YOU some needed and deserved quiet time, time to restore, time to gain some clarity. Go ahead, it’s ok. Give yourself permission now to take time for YOU .

Breathwork resources
Dr. Andrew Weil, cites several studies on how breathwork helps heart disease, asthma, and even menopause. You can learn more about his work on this topic as well as different breathwork techniques on his CD “Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing.” Dr. Gay Hendricks also promotes the health and well being aspects of breathing in his book, “Conscious Breathing.” These are wonderful resources to help you explore the power of your breath.

Hypnosis and the breath
I also recommend using hypnosis to aid the breath in promoting your health and well being. The breath is the first aspect you focus on when slowing down all those “racing” thoughts which the left brain is so good at generating. By slowing down left brain activity, you naturally allow the right brain’s healing abilities to come forth. A slower heart rate, better oxygen to the muscles, and therefore less tension in the body and the mind are all healing effects of the right brain. Gift yourself your healing breath! For more information on how hypnosis can further your well being, please visit my website or contact me at

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