I had such a great summer!

Wow, here we are in September already!    


I had such a great summer.   The weather here in the Northwest was some of the best I can remember since moving here 15 years ago.


I hope you had a great summer as well, no matter what the weather.


Most of all, I certainly hope you got to do “play”, relax and have fun and be in “summertime mode”.


My “summertime mode” ended with an Alaskan cruise with my husband’s family as we celebrated his mother’s 80th birthday!


There were 21 of us enjoying the scenery, each others’ company, the food, and the many activities one can do on and off the ship.


I was a bit concerned I might want to keep cruising and not get back into gear when I got back, but instead, I’ve found the coming of Fall is motivating me to be re-engaged in what “lights me up” in my life.


I’m excited about the plans I have for the rest of the year both professionally and personally.


I like to think of September a time for new beginnings.  Similar to a “new year”.


It’s usually the time school begins, or just began.


A new year; a new grade in school.


Family vacation time is finished and it’s time to look forward to the end of the year.


Eeeek…you may be saying-not the end of the year already!


I know, it does go by fast, doesn’t it?  But, I find, now more than ever, when I can plan for the end of year, I feel less stressed about it coming to its conclusion, than if I don’t.


When I don’t plan, I find I’m more worried about all the things I want to do, because I don’t know where they’ll all fit in.


That causes me to feel distressed-not a great feeling.


It’s likely you’ve experienced this yourself. It’s a feeling of unease, tension, perhaps even irritability.

And, I’m all about having less of that!


So, check out the feature article this month, as well as the info on how to register for my next free tele-seminar on stress relief and I promise you you’ll be feeling more motivated and prepared for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo from the cruise.
Even with the clouds, it’s quite beautiful!


  Alaskan Cruise photo Aug 2013




I’d love to hear all about your summer and how you did your “summertime mode”!  Comment below!

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