Break the Habit of Stress and Get Relief NOW-A powerful free teleseminar

Break the Habit of Stress and Get Relief NOW-A powerful free teleseminar


Here are some important questions for you:


Do you frequently feel overwhelmed ?

Do you find yourself worrying over and over again about the same things?

Are you constantly reaching for your favorite comfort food, even when you’re not hungry?


Are you noticing how all those “little” annoyances seem to be making you more and more grumpy?

What about your body?

Do you often feel tense and sore in your shoulders, neck or get tension headaches?

Do you find yourself laying awake at night with racing thoughts of what needs to be done, didn’t go well or  all the “what ifs” you can imagine?


If you answered yes to any of the above:

 The habit of stress is running you!


Being stressed feels bad, yet stress has become so common in so many peoples’ lives now, it seems almost normal.

Yet too much stress is damaging.  It has numerous negative effects on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Demands, deadlines and hassles can fill up a day, be all-consuming, and leave no room for any downtime, calmness or joy.


It can feel so draining and exhausting.


People experiencing lots of stress often get sick more frequently, because stress lowers the immune system.


Chronic stress can also cause such serious health concerns as high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, depression, fatigue, exhaustion as well as headaches, muscle tension, and weight issues.


Whew! Not a pretty picture at all.


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The statistics on stress don’t paint any prettier picture either.


According to the American Psychological Association and the American Institute of Stress, NY:


  • 77% of people surveyed reported regularly experiencing physical symptoms of stress
  • 73% of people surveyed reported regularly experiencing psychological symptoms caused by stress.


That’s why you need to join me on this informative and experiential no cost teleseminar on:

Thursday, September 26th, 2013



Learn how you can break the habit of this damaging stress and experience more ease and calm in your daily life!


Register here:

Break the Habit of Stress


access your place now.


Being stressed out all the time can feel like you’re driving in circles and getting no where fast!


Don’t allow this to continue any longer.


Don’t let a busy schedule and feeling overwhelmed rule your life anymore.


You can feel in control of your life,  more calm and  experience more joy and aliveness!


Here’s what you’ll learn on this teleseminar:

  • How being stressed becomes a habit
  • What you need to do to break the habit of stress
  • 3 Action steps you can take to immediately and Get Relief NOW.

Additionally, when you attend this free stress-free teleseminar, you will experience a short guided process designed to engage your powerful inner mind.

When you engage your powerful inner mind, you naturally accelerate your success in breaking the habit of stress!


What are you waiting for?  You’ve got nothing to lose, but those stressful thoughts, feelings and the habit of stress!  So, grab your spot now and be ready to get the relief you need!


I’m so looking forward to “seeing” you on the call!


If you can’t make it to the live call, no worries, it will be recorded.  As long as you register, you will receive the recording.


But I encourage you, if possible, be present on the live call, as it’s fun, engaging and I’d love to have you there playing along and receiving the relief you desire right away!

Plus, anyone who is on the live call will have the opportunity to receive a special bonus!


To your calm and ease in life!



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