Octobers’s Personal Note on Fall Changes!

Octobers’s Personal Note on Fall Changes!

I’m in heaven looking out my office window from my home and seeing the gorgeous fall colors on the trees on our street.


It seems as though they are changing right before my eyes!


This is the season of change, that’s for sure….Nature in her wisdom is getting ready for the winter of her cycle.


As I write this, it occurs to me that is exactly what I’ve been up to as well.


I’ve been out in the yard on the weekends, trimming away spent flowers, shaping the new growth on the shrubs and clearing plants that have crowded out the environment.


I’m getting the yard ready for the changes that are coming.


It’s interesting, how what I’m doing in the yard, is a reflection of the work I’m doing in my personal and business life, too.


I’ve been busy clearing, organizing and preparing for what’s next.


Just like Mother Nature!


So, check out my new program I’ve created to prepare you for having an easier more peaceful, as well as healthy holiday season.


It’s one of my 21 Day programs, only this time I’ve added on a day!


“22 Days of Stress Free & Healthy Holiday Mindset”


Yes, they are soon to be here.  So, why not have less stress, be prepared and have the best mindset to enjoy them instead of dreading and stressing over them?!


Here’s something else I’ve been getting ready for:


“Stop Smoking with Hypnosis” in honor of the annual American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smoke Out”!

If you are in the local Seattle area and know anyone who smokes, (maybe even you), please get them (you) to my free live event.

Learning how hypnosis works to break the habit of smoking is the first step in preparing for a healthier life.


And…Mother Nature likes to prepare for future life!

The energy of the season continues on for me in the various trainings I’m engaged for my own growth and development as well as for my community’s.

I promise to keep you posted!

Now it’s your turn to share about your “Fall Changes”.


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