Hitting the Refresh, Reset & Re-Connect Button

Hitting the Refresh, Reset & Re-Connect Button
Refresh, Reset & Re-Connect

3 Tips to Starting Anew!

When a new year occurs or anytime in our lives when we are ready for a change, even when we want that change, it can feel scary and uncomfortable.

Letting go of the past can sometimes be a difficult task.

Old habits from our past, that are embedded heavily into our subconscious minds, can feel like concrete that is there to stay.

But when we choose to focus on the new beginning that moving forward offers us, as opposed to what we are letting go of, it can make the process a lot easier and far less painful, maybe even exciting!

How would that be?

Yet, this is often easier said than done. However, there are ways to help yourself learn how to focus on a new beginning so that you can let go, move on to bigger and better things and not feel pressured during the process. 

I like to think of this as hitting the Refresh, Reset & Re-Connect button of our lives!

So, go ahead, give it a push and see how these 3 strategies can get you moving forward with your intentions, your goals and your life.

1. Visualize Success: One way to help you focus on a fresh start is to visualize yourself being successful in what you are creating for yourself at this point in time.

Are you creating more health in your life?

Then “see” yourself choosing healthier foods, easy to do movement for your body, and feeling more energy and vitality.

The more you focus on what it is you are wanting, as opposed to what is right now, or has been in the past, the more motivated you become and the more refreshed you feel.

By continuing this practice, you are re-designing the template for your subconscious mind and are resetting your neurology.   The possibilities of what might become begin to outweigh what was or what is and steer you forward in the new direction.

2. Focus on What You Can Control: Another way to aid you in focusing on refreshing your life, is to keep focused on what you can control.

 Focusing on past failures or bad habits doesn’t work. The past is the past-you can’t control what has already happened.

However, you can glean “lesson” gems or silver linings from your past.

That’s something you can control.

In the example of wanting to create and live a more healthy lifestyle:

You can focus on planning for your day’s food, activity, and calming strategies.

When we let go of the things we cannot change and focus our efforts and energy on those things that we can, which are the opportunities in our future, we can release the past’s hold on ourselves and are able to move forward.

 3.  Build Healthy Habits: Taking the time to build habits that support our refresh, reset and re-connect mindset, is another key towards helping us be able to let go of the old ways of being and focus on what it is we are creating.

Building habits that support what we are trying to achieve helps us to stay focused on our desired outcomes.

It re-connects us to what is most important right now!

And, when we are engrossed in implementing practices that aid us in reaching future goals and achieving future success, we are letting go of the past habits that no longer serves us


These are just a few strategies for supporting you in getting either a new year or at any refresh time, off to a good start.

Following even just one of these can take the “pressure” off of all the should’s about new beginnings…and even get you excited about all the possibilities you can create for yourself.

If you are ready to move forward in and would like support in breaking old habits and creating new ones, sign up for my free Breakthrough the Challenge of Change phone session.

You’ll be guided through a process that will leave you feeling clear on what it is you want; what your blocks are that are keeping you from getting it, and what your next steps are.

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