Could you be sabotaging your weight loss goals?

Could you be sabotaging your weight loss goals?

Could You Be Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?

This may surprise you, but one of the things that could be keeping you stuck in the weight loss game, and unknowingly sabotaging yourself is:

  • You have not made a firm decision or commitment to change.

You read that right.  Decision.  An absolute decision.  Not a wish, not a fantasy, but a decision to change your life.  Change my life?  I just want to lose some weight you might be saying.  I just want to feel more motivated to go the gym or exercise. Is it that big a decision? That sounds very serious.

Well, if you are going to release that excess baggage, it really is life changing, isn’t it?  Isn’t it life changing to be in charge of something that you’ve felt you weren’t in charge of?  Isn’t it life changing to feel better about yourself, when you’ve been feeling pretty bad about you with excess weight?  Isn’t it life changing to have things be different than they were before?  You bet it is.  And, you don’t get to release that weight, the  excess baggage if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.  You’ve heard the definition of insanity, haven’t you?  It’s doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results.  Ain’t going to happen!

So it takes changing…and any change has an impact, whether small or big, on your entire life!  Really. Think about all the various changes you’ve made in your life.  It could be as small as deciding to take a different route to work everyday.  Well, now you are seeing different things, aren’t you?  Now, you may be feeling a bit better because you don’t have to deal with as much traffic, or perhaps the scenery is so much better.

So, you see, now, you’re feeling better.  That is an impact on your life.  You will probably go into the office in a much better mood, be engaged with people in a much more positive manner, which most often has people respond back in the same more positive way….and you can see now how it changes your life, can’t you?

And, can you see it’s a decision, a commitment to change your life when you want to release the excess baggage of fat and weight?

What now?

First of all, check in to see if you have made a decision, a commitment to being your best and healthiest you.  It really is not just the weight.  You want to lose weight, because you think doing so will make you happy. Yet, if you are not connected to your own innate joy, that place deep within you that knows what happiness is, even your ideal body is not going to make you happy.

Your unconscious mind naturally is motivated to go away from pain and go toward pleasure/happiness/joy.   If you think getting rid of the weight and exercising will make you happy, then you’re sure your life will be great once you get rid of it all, don’t you?  Well, thin people aren’t necessarily naturally happy just because they are thin.

So know,  anything you do, decisions you make are really about you wanting to be to feel good, be happy, be connected to your joy.

So, the decision is not all about getting rid of that weight…it’s about changing for your happiness…changing to feel good about yourself…changing to feel in control of your life, instead of being on a see-saw of looking for the miracle diet that will work THIS time.  It’s about having balance in your life, having your life work for you. When something is out of sync, i.e. your physical body, then you are out of balance with yourself.  When you are out of balance with yourself, then you don’t feel so good.  When you don’t feel so good, you make choices that are out of alignment with you and your best healthiest feeling good self.

So, it’s the decision about deciding once and for all, that you deserve to feel good and be happy.  It’s a commitment to YOU from you!

It’s the decision where you feel good about who you are, you feel good about how your body feels, you feel good about the kinds of activity you give your body, as you know bodies need and want to move.  It’s the decision to have the life where you feel you have freedom in your relationship to food.  That’s the life you want, isn’t it?

So if it is, Simply declare it!  Make the decision this is what you are after, this is the life you want for you. You’re not after just a particular size, as the size itself will make you happy.  And even if you get to that size, which is fine, if you haven’t declared your happiness, your joy, to be your top priority, then you will find yourself struggling to “keep” this size, food will become the enemy and exercise the price you have to pay for eating.  Doesn’t sound like there is a lot of freedom in that, does it?

The diet industry has been brain washing the culture for some time now…convincing people food is the enemy and exercise is the payment. Food is not the enemy, exercise and activity you give your body feels good, it shouldn’t be  punishment for eating! 

Make a decision for your well being NOW and you can stop the sabotaging yourself in your weight release and stop thinking it’s only about food and exercise.

Make the decision to be happy and wow…that’s a biggie!  The energy will flow in whole new ways within you…and that energy flow is your life force…allowing you to feel good, when you feel good, you choose well for you, for what makes you happy

Challenging to make that decision?

If you find making a decision for your happiness-your well being-challenging, then remember a time when you decided to do something significant in your life.

Maybe it was to take a vacation to some place you’d always wanted to go to, one you dreamed of going to for a long time, and then one day, you decided you were going to do it!  And, that was it, it came about.  Or you decided to get an education in your current field, or you decided to move into the house you are in right now.  There are many decisions you have made in your life.  And you know, once you’ve made them, solidly made them, they came to fruition, unless somewhere along the way, you then decided not to pursue that particular dream, goal, etc.

Choose to focus on a decision you’ve made in the past now.

Get in touch with that feeling of complete commitment to your decision.  Get in touch with what you said to yourself about that decision.  Feel where you felt it in your body or heard it in your head.  What did you say to yourself?  Perhaps you said with total conviction: I can do this, or I’m not sure how I’ll do it, but I will do it, this is what I want….check it out, get in touch with those resources you have within you and use them now to declare your decision, your commitment to you being your best healthiest self in body, emotions, mind and spirit!

Then write it down.  Write it in a way that you feel inspired and empowered when you read it.

Write it so the energy of that decision and commitment is felt when you read it.

Here’s an example: I am committed to feeling good about myself, treating myself with respect and taking good care of my body, mind, emotions and spirit.

When you formulate a commitment, an absolute decision around your health and happiness, then you will feel energized, inspired and really good!

And, if this still feels challenging to you, just be aware that it is, be aware there is some belief that is running in the background that might not feel it’s ok to be happy,to be connected to your joy,  a belief that might be about your own self worth.  Don’t judge it, simply allow yourself to observe the resistance to the whole notion of making a decision to change for your happiness.  If you allow yourself to be present and non judgmental, your unconscious will reveal to you the disempowering belief you are holding about yourself.

Be kind and gentle with yourself in this process.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this and how making a decision has worked for you!

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