Change is in the Air!

Here we are staring at the Labor Day Holiday weekend! Once again, I’m in awe as how fast the time seems to fly. I’ve been in my “summertime mode” of taking more leisurely time for myself, playing the balance of life game.

My hope is that you have had a great summer in spite of various undesirable weather conditions around the country, and that you allowed yourself to engage in some summer fun. Summer is definitely the “fun” and more leisurely season Mother Nature has provided for us so we can be refreshed and ready for what’s next in the Fall.

As September arrives, so too does the energy and feel of rejuvenation and new beginnings.  School gets underway, a new season is about to begin, Mother Nature starts showing off her Fall colors, and we start planning for various events and Holidays that take place in the last quarter of the year.

In between clients and playtime , I’ve been busy getting my website changed over to a more interactive style, which allows you to now make comments on articles I write, which I hope you will do.  I love the interaction.  It’s still new to me, so I may have some “bugs” to work out, but please feel free to get the dialogues going.  It will be fun to hear from you.

I’ve also been getting ready to launch a series of

NO COST teleseminars I will be conducting regularly.  I want to make sure you have access to more valuable information on topics like weight release, stress management, smoking cessation, fertility issues, HypnoBirthing®, balancing your life, happiness, goal setting, easy holidays and more.

I will be sending out the announcement for the first teleseminar very shortly.  Look out for it!

So, where are you at? What are your intentions for the next part of this year? Are you feeling the energy of the Fall calling you to take some inspiring actions so you can feel and be your best self?  Or do you feel overwhelmed “stuck”, or unsure, of what’s next for you?


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