Caring for Your Heart Today

Caring for Your Heart Today

Caring for Your Heart Today
by Jackie Foskett, CH

What is the most important thing you can do right now to care for your heart? Affirm your love for YOU!

The tips on gratitude featured in my January newsletter make a great beginning. In your daily gratitude practice, try being grateful for

– The heart you have, whatever its current condition
– The body you have, whether it’s your “ideal” or not
– The eyes you’re using to read this newsletter
– Your current state of health, even if it’s not optimal

Now, stop. Take a deep breath down into your belly and slowly release it.

Feel love for yourself right now. If this is difficult, simply pretend you feel love, perhaps as you might for someone else. Capture that feeling and let it linger.
Enjoy it.

Let love be with you all day today and notice how you feel when you put your head on your pillow tonight. Perhaps you may even allow this love for you to continue, day after day from now on. It’s just what your heart needs!


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