An Exercise in Gratitude

An Exercise in Gratitude

100 Things You Are Grateful For

(or would be grateful to receive in future)

This exercise is simple; just think and write out 100 things you are grateful for (or would be grateful to have some day).

100 things??”, you say! “Wow that’s a lot!”

It may seem to be…and that may be the point. Too often, we are not used to using our minds and hearts to be aware of all we are grateful for in our lives.

When you begin this exercise, it may be easy to come up with 20 items on your list off the bat…and then you may find yourself floundering.

It’s ok.

Allow yourself to take a break-you don’t need to do all 100 at once.

But once you consciously decide that you are looking for things you are grateful for, you are turning on the “gps” or the search engine of your mind.

When you turn it on, it will start searching more…as long as you keep telling it what you’re looking for.

This act of consciously turning on your search engine of your mind for what you are grateful for will open your mind to the staggering amount of things there are to be grateful for.

It will also help you invite abundance into your life, not only because you’ll be tuned into your abundance with what you are currently grateful for, but also because you will be listing things you might not have yet, but are grateful for them coming to you!

You may be surprised at some of the things you list; things you never thought about being grateful for.

It will open your heart and you will feel good while doing this.

Here’s some tips for getting started:

  • Sit for a moment of two in silence.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Place your hand or both hands, on your heart.
  • And now breathe into your heart as though your heart were your lungs…


  • Now…ask yourself: “What am I grateful for?”
  • Allow those answers to come forth and begin writing them down.
  • When you feel stopped-go back to hands on heart breathing.

Or, take a break, and while away from your list, simply keep asking yourself “what am I grateful for?” and simply notice what pops up in your mind or where your attention goes.

Remember don’t freak out about finishing this list all in one go (you probably won’t be able to).

Just do what feels right in one sitting and keep coming back to it as you think of more items.

After you have finished how ever many at your first go…re-read what you’ve listed, so you can keep tuned in to the abundance you have.

When you finish all 100, take some time to really absorb all you’ve written and allow yourself to bathe in the high energy of gratitude.

You will have tuned up your gratitude search engine and will love the new and alive energy you are experiencing!

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