Unveiling the Path to Happiness: Exploring Personal Values

Unveiling the Path to Happiness: Exploring Personal Values

In a previous enews/blog,  I briefly wrote about how reflecting on and understanding our values, is an important piece when choosing the path of happiness.

Our values, like a guiding light, can illuminate our way to a more fulfilled life.

When our actions and behaviors align with them, we find ourselves in harmony with our authentic selves, paving the way to our joy and happiness.

Conversely, straying from these guiding principles can obscure our happiness, leaving us adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Knowing and understanding our values can help us make important life decisions, direct us in our self care endeavors, ground us in our purpose and generally support us in how we live our lives.

As we stay tuned in to what is important to us, what our values are, and be in integrity with them, it becomes easier to build a solid foundation of happiness that doesn’t fall apart when we are confronted with some of life’s challenging events.

In my April 11th article, I wrote about some of my values-such as connection, learning, personal growth and even happiness and how these values have stayed pretty consistent for me.

Values can change over time, of course. What we valued as a child, perhaps like having a swing set in our yard, probably is no longer relevant, although, perhaps, the value under that could be having fun! And, that might remain for your entire life!

I must say, as I’m writing this, I know that fun is definitely a value I hold dear to my heart! I love to have fun!

I’d like to invite you to explore for yourself what your values are in the exercise below.

By doing so, you’ll get to understand yourself more, be aware of how you may or may not be living in integrity with them and discover how you can create more happiness for yourself.

You may want to do this exercise in several “takes,” so you can allow more thoughts, feelings and memories can forth over a few days.

As you embark on this exploration, remember that your values are as unique as you are. Embrace them wholeheartedly, for they are the compass that steers you towards a life filled with purpose, meaning and ultimately happiness.

Would love to hear what you discover your most valuable values are at this period in your life.

Enjoy the process!

Here’s to your Happiness!

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