Stress Relief Tool #3

This is part 3 of a series of stress relief tools which are part of my upcoming book on stress relief.

These tools are designed to use quickly and easily to give you relief from stress and get you back on the path of feeling in control and more calm.

Stress Relief Tool #3Create a soothing calming image

Finding the way to relief calmness and restoration

Finding the way to relief calmness and restoration

When you begin to feel the tension of stress and find yourself ready to go down the tunnel of upset and despair, if you have an image of a soothing calming place already set up in your “picture library of your mind,” you can access that image and change your feeling state very quickly.

5 Easy Steps to get stress relief quickly!

#1-Now, while you’re not in any upset stressed out mode, create a picture in your mind that feels calming and soothing to you.
Perhaps it’s a place you’ve been to before, or a place you long to go to, or simply something you just make up. Most of my clients find a place in Nature to be very soothing and calming.

#2-Allow yourself to dwell in this picture. Feel how it feels to be in this place you’ve pictured in your mind.  Notice all the details, such as colors, plants, flowers, and even the aromas you might smell here.  Notice any sounds you might hear.  Or, you simply may hear the sound of silence.

#3-Notice how your body feels as you dwell here. Notice where your mind is focused.

#4-Now, file this away in the “picture library of your mind” under the category of calm and soothing.

#5-As soon as any stressful feeling begins to take you away from your inner calm, immediately “pull out” this picture. Focus on it, not on whatever is stressing you out.
Notice how you begin to breathe easier and feel better almost right away.

You can now handle whatever is coming up in a much calmer manner and feel in control, instead of the external situation controlling you.

Practice this a few times.

Think of a situation where you have been stressed out.
Notice how your body is feeling/reacting.
Now, insert the calming picture. Focus on it.
Notice now how your body is feeling.

Practice this tool and you’ll find you’ll be pulling out your calming picture pretty quickly and getting the relief you need exactly when you need it.

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