Stress Relief Tip: Create More Space in Your Life!

Stress Relief Tip: Create More Space in Your Life!

Stress Free ZoneJust think back to the last few people you greeted.

When you asked them how they were, was their response, “I’ve been so busy!”?

It seems to be the most common answer.  We have become a culture that despises having any space or free time.  We tend not to admire those who have time on their hands, because instead we value productivity.

Do you find yourself doing that? Do you measure your day by how “productive” you were? What if you weren’t living with every moment of every day planned out?

What if every single day contained some breathing room?

How about taking some baby steps this week to increase the “space” in your life?

Here are three simple ideas:

  • Drive with the radio off the next time you’re in the car. Welcome the quiet!
  • Take a walk with a loved one. It clears the mind and provides the space to really connect with each other.
  • Cut out one hour of TV and spend that time thinking about how you can create more space and free time in your life! What can you live without?

You may initially find it uncomfortable to be in this free space of not being “busy.” With a little practice, you’ll be amazed how you can begin to cultivate more calm, feel less stressed and then really have the energy and presence to do what it is you really want to do!

You’ll be shining with a new feeling of “space” and what it means to your overall well being!

I’d like to invite you to contribute to others’ well being by sharing how having more “space” works for you. Let’s encourage one another to have more breathing room and more calmness in our lives by sharing how opening up space gives more freedom and gets better results than always be busy and stressed!

Thanks for sharing your success story below!

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