Self-Hypnosis Exercise: Access Your Quiet Mind

Self-Hypnosis Exercise: Access Your Quiet Mind

Self-Hypnosis Exercise: Access Your Quiet Mind
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Use this self-hypnosis exercise to achieve inner focus and access your quiet mind. Practice daily for 5 to 15 minutes and you will notice a difference in your ability to de-stress, find solutions to problems and tap into your creativity. This exercise is extremely relaxing, so refrain from practicing it while driving.

1) Focus on your breath
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, noticing the sensation of air moving in and out of your lungs. When you catch your mind wandering, simply return your attention to the breath.

2) Clear your mind
Imagine a soft, gentle breeze clearing out your thoughts as they float into your mind. If it’s helpful, you can visualize a container collecting those thoughts, in case you choose to retrieve them later.

3) Count backwards.
Count backwards from 25 to 0, visualizing each number.

4) Relax your body.
Focus on your body while breathing into your feet, legs, groin and hips, belly, chest, back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, head and face. As you do so, take time to feel each area before softening, relaxing and releasing them one by one.

5) Imagine.
Imagine a beautiful place in nature, a place where you feel very safe , secure and strong .

6) Experience.
Experience being fully in this beautiful place. See the colors, smell the aromas, hear sounds or silence, feel the peacefulness. This is your inner sanctuary. Experience it whenever you want to feel calm and peaceful.

7) Affirm.
Say to yourself “Today and tonight I work from a deep subconscious level.” You may also substitute any of the affirmations from the list below, or create your own.

8) Repeat and concentrate.
Repeat your affirmation 3 to 10 times, concentrating on the words and their meaning. If you like, add one or two affirmations from the list below.

9) Count forwards.
To emerge from your state of self-hypnosis, count forwards slowly from 1 to 10. Take several deep breaths and stretch your body.

10) Feel refreshed.
When you are finished with this exercise, notice that you feel refreshed and restored!

Play with your “quiet time” and notice if you feel anything different. Have fun and explore. Who knows, you might find yourself growing, creating, and showing your unique brilliance—just as nature continues to show us hers.


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